About VALE Committees

The chairs  of all VALE Committees are also members of the VALE Executive Committee.

OER (Open Educational Resources) – Chairs:  Rob Hilliker, Danianne Mizzy

Charged with leading and coordinating VALEs OER efforts. The committee shall consist of an EC liaison, the four OER ambassadors, and the OTN administrative contact. Additional members may be added as the committee deems necessary.

Outreach – Chairs:  Janet Hauge, Edward Owusu-Ansah

Oversees communications and is responsible for two subcommittees:  Website / Portal  — oversees and assesses VALE’s website.  User Conference / Events–produces, oversees and assesses the Users Conference and similar.

Planning and Assessment – Chairs:  Ana Fontoura, Donna Rosinski-Kauz

Facilitates preparation and oversees implementation of the strategic plan; spearheads evaluation of VALE services and programs and partners with VALE committees and sub-committees to institute assessment across VALE.

Purchasing and Licensing – Chairs:  Leigh Keller, Kurt Wagner

Oversees and assesses group purchasing activities: identifies, evaluates and recommends acquiring databases, digital media, and productivity software; negotiates deals with vendors and reviews licenses.

Pre-2015 Committee Structure

The ongoing work of VALE is being conducted through a series of committees chaired by and composed of members from college and university libraries in the state of New Jersey. A member of the Executive Committee acts as a liaison to each of the designated committees. The number and scope of these committees may change over time as VALE matures. The current committee structure is as follows:

Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

Special Interest Groups are informal groups that wish to meet around a common interest under the VALE umbrella.  Many of the former VALE Committees were offered an opportunity to become SIGs.  Most have affiliated with the NJ ACRL or disbanded.  There are no VALE SIGs at this time.

Instructions for Joining a VALE Committee

Committee participation is open to all individuals from VALE Members Institutions. If you are not a VALE member and want to join a Committee, please click contact us below. You can join more than one committees.