During FY2017, VALE licensed and rolled out a new tool to improve the process for acquiring and renewing databases, e-journal bundles, and other electronic content. ConsortiaManager streamlines access to licensed content, providing all of the needed information in one place. At the consortium level, the product provides easy access and administration of licenses, usage data, title lists, prices and invoices. Member libraries have the opportunity to view price changes, usage reports and title lists, licenses and invoices that are routine parts of negotiations. The system gathers and stores all of the necessary information for ease of renewing vendor agreements on a year-to-year basis. VALE sees how many members have accepted or rejected each agreement, and can track orders with a few clicks.

At the institution level, library directors authorize their librarians and staff with varying levels of view only or full access. Once the renewal cycle is open or new content offered, each library determines whether to subscribe or reject offers. Users send correspondence within ConsortiaManager, with notifications posted within the system. Reliable statistics associated with cost and usage are stored within the product. Use statistics are quickly accessible, and available in a number of formats – charts, graphs and tabulations. Collecting and importing of SUSHI usage data is automatically part of the work tool, enabling improved data collection to compare usage across agreements and members.


VALE Cancellation Policy

All purchases and renewals are completed through ConsortiaManager. VALE members may access and review their accounts in ConsortiaManager. In the Spring, VALE will send the annual renewal and new subscription notices with a 2-week deadline for members to submit their final commitments. Members may make changes to their VALE order or cancel subscriptions prior to receiving an invoice. By no later than August 21, VALE will provide a final invoice that will reflect all costs for VALE services itemized by committed renewals, new subscriptions, and a membership fee. Once VALE issues an invoice to the institution for their purchases, cancellations will not be permitted.