Taskforce on Post COVID-19 Alignment, Trends & Strategies (TOPCATS)

On April 16, 2020, the LibraryLinkNJ (LLNJ) Executive Board established a new task force on COVID-19, and charged the task force to explore issues, strategies, and solutions, relative to the reopening of libraries post COVID-19.

The Task Force works in collaboration with the New Jersey State Library (NJSL), the New Jersey Library Association (NJLA), and other pertinent efforts that benefit New Jersey libraries in the post COVID-19 environment.

Ralph Bingham, LLNJ Executive Board member, was nominated to serve as the chair of the new LLNJ Task Force on Post COVID-19 Alignment, Trends, and Strategies.

Areas of inquiry of TOPCATS:

Coordinated efforts for reopening New Jersey’s libraries
Needs assessment for providing library services post COVID-19
Communication Strategies for reopening our libraries
Staff training for working in a post COVID-19 environment
Advocacy for the inclusion of libraries in New Jersey’s reopening initiatives
Framework for New Jersey libraries’ response, recovery, and resilience in the post COVID-19 environment

For more information, see TOPCATS website: https://topcatsnj.org