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    Join the OER Special Interest Group. The VALE OER Listserv serves as a clearinghouse of ideas for any number of aspects of Open Educational Resources. We seek your ideas, questions, strategies, experiences with, marketing tips and anything else OER related that you think is worthwhile for the community.

    There is no reason to limit ourselves to discussions about textbooks either. Learning objects, Libguides, other free resources — all are welcome in the Open Educational Resources Community of Practice.

OpenNJ is a statewide repository and referatorium collection

Developed for New Jersey higher education institutions for its educators to find and access materials. This resource builds a community of practice around OER, and allows educators to learn about who uses what materials already, and what they might consider for their own use. Educators may submit their own items for consideration, which will be reviewed by the OpenNJ Advisory Committee.

OpenNJ is intended to house:

– Openly licensed or public domain OER adopted, adapted, and created for use in NJ

– Open and affordable materials adopted, adapted, and created for use in NJ. These materials may include copyrighted material so an external URL may refer to the original source.

– Full text items with links to native sources as appropriate.