About the VALE Community College Caucus

VALE Community College Caucus is a working group of the VALE Members’ Council.  Its mission is to facilitate further discussion on matters of particular concern to member community college libraries in New Jersey.  The three Community College representatives on the VALE Executive Council act as liaisons to the Caucus.

Please contact Mark Thompson (mthompson@middlesexcc.edu) for further information.


Community College Caucus holds meetings as needed.  Meetings are convened by the Library Director that volunteers to host the meeting.  The agenda is set via consensus online with time set aside during the meeting for last minute issues.  [note: please send us your issues]


The Caucus is open to chief library administrators of all VALE member community college libraries.  It provides a vehicle for these members to convene separate meetings to hold discussions, come up with solutions, and propose projects (seeking approval of the VALE Executive Committee) for the benefit of its members.  Participation in the Caucus is completely voluntary.