Committee Charge

The VALE Electronic Resources Committee will recommend specific electronic resources for purchase under the auspices of VALE. They may also recommend the development of local databases and the linking of other databases/ resources free databases on the VALE homepage. They are also charged with reviewing the current complement of databases to ensure the quality is maintained.

E-Books Working Group

In the fall of 2010, the VALE Executive Committee approved the creation of an E-Books Working Group with representatives from the Electronic Resources Committee and the Cooperative Collection Management Committee, along with other librarians, to carry out research and make recommendations to the consortium with regard to e-book products. The E-Books Working Group operates as a subcommittee of the Electronic Resources Committee.

Committee Resources

Title Last Updated
Preferred Licensing Terms (8.28.12) 02/07/2013
Suggest a new databse form 01/18/2011
Current VALE databases 01/13/2010

Additional Resources

Database Recommendation Query

VALE members may submit database recommendations at any time. Typically, we will solicit VALE members for new database recommendations early to mid-Fall; subsequently, we will post a survey based on those recommendations to the VALE mailing list to determine the level of interest for potential offerings in the following fiscal year.

How and When New Databases are Added to the VALE List

The Committee generally considers database recommendations, from members and vendors, during the summer and fall semester. It makes its final recommendations on potential databases for VALE to offer in the late fall (typicallybefore the VALE Annual Conference). During the spring, the Executive Committee and Finance Committees query vendors on their willingness to work with the VALE consortium and negotiate prices.

Request Meeting Minutes

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