Since 2007 VALE has been interested in bringing a shared library services platform (LSP) into existence for consortium members. A team visited Georgia and studied the implementation of a shared system by public and academic libraries there. In 2011 VALE organized its efforts via the VALE OLS Project Mission, Objectives and Principles document which contained the project’s guiding principles: a project with shared governance, voluntary participation, effective communication, and a sustainable business model. The overall, transformative principle would be that participants would share their library catalog collection information in a common database that would be searchable throughout the state. From 2012 to 2015 the project, then known as VALID (VALE Academic Libraries Information Discovery) worked via a Steering Committee and an Implementation Taskforce. The Steering Committee was comprised of administrators from libraries interested in being either early implementers or subsequent, or “beta” implementers and to discuss and devise policies and governance of the project. The Implementation Taskforce was charged with selection of an open-source discovery interface, recommending a service architecture, and creating a prototype shared catalog.

This work was paralleled by the Kuali Foundation’s work on its OLE library system. VALID representatives attended and presented at Kuali Days annual conferences, held discussions with Kuali-OLE management about possible VALE membership, and conducted workshops to develop a vision and create an organizational structure for VALID using OLE.

In early 2016 VALE learned that the Kuali-OLE project and LSP, despite being implemented at three institutions, had discontinued development. In a strategic change of course OLE joined with FOLIO (Future of Libraries is Open), a collaboration that includes Index Data, EBSCO, and SirsiDynix. In light of these developments the VALE Executive Committee decided to, for the time, suspend VALID and monitor the FOLIO development.

VALE’S Executive Committee continues to support the principles expressed in the VALID project, studies implementation of shared LSPs by other academic library consortia, and is receptive to a future resumption of the VALID project.

Work Preliminary to VALID